YHWH-Field Changes Behavior Within Freud Rules

First of all the YHWH-field is polar and teaches people to deposit bad behavior in an elimination of possible chaos situation.  If people learn to forgive harmony is restored and energy is diverted to positive actions. Freud said a delayed reaction changes bad behavior to good action with same pressure among true and mature people.  Freud doesn't really care about behavior if a stimilus of emotion is let out in a positive or delayed action in harmony with positivity and the law.  People have to learn how to make only positive  or peace preserving decisions in even in the time of crisis or fight of flight eemergency.

New Testiment health reference of Jesus Christ and Paul said if a man broke the Jewish Law once he broke it all is refering Freud's behavior pattern that a changed nature only does good based on emotion release and habit.  Evil releases do not change, allow good things to exist, or end,;unless a true behavior pattern is manifest with positive or responsible emotional release and habit that delays fight or flight until it is a positive action.

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