Turkey is a country that manufactures goods for products to be completely made.   If you want to build a car, office material, or have a complete meal, then countries may need Turkish exports.  Turkey can become a supply hub country for the world to meet their needs.  We need Turkey to supply countries with goods as soon as their wars settle down to keep peace and promote worldwide continuity.

Iran might be able to export natural gas to nations and be a dirsct supplier. Guardian Network wants to see more fruits exported by Arabic Countries  Guardian Network is being granted to every peaceful Islamic country. We are also give the StealthAngel Entertainment as a worldwide entertainment enterprise. Along with those gifts we will establish Islamic nation GDP as they supply the world with diverse goods, so there be no price hikes. Much money will be earned by Islamic nations with rest of the world supplied with goods. We are also having Coronacure distributed throughout the Middle East soon.

Guardian Network just gave Asia 1 Trillion Dollars of net worth to rebuild the continents economy.  Some of the  money  is scheduled to go to Islamic countries.  Guardian Network has Trillioo Dollar net worth packages scheduled for Islamic countries specificallu in the future.

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