Spain has an opportunity for a Guardian Network Center

Guardian Network is attempting to grant a location to Spain for book sales, enlightenment, science jobs, and humanitarian aid. Employment centers and food pantries will also be available.

Employment services and placement will also be available with this Guardian Network.  This move will alleviate pressure from Spain; and Europe as a whole. The job placement program will also take pressure of the Spanish president and Royal Family.  We are prepared to sell books in Spain, while planting First Responder University. We are currently teaching online worldwide.  First Responder University  is ready to teach in Spain.

Guardian Network Spain video

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Unemployment Continues to Haunt Spain

Spain's unemployment rate is still above 20%. That is not sane for a country or city to have unemployment this high unless they are rich families.  Leverage of resources is what is maintaining the peace of mind in Spain; similiar to the United States.  The leverage actually lowered the unemployment in the states, and kept people satisfied until their jobs arrived; even currently.  Spain has to reduce its unemployment some before confidence is restored in the work force.  The citizens of Spain remain cooperative.

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