Fluless Drug for FLU

Our Fluless drug will kill H1N1 FLU and all other flu viruses. Our Ether combination kills It couple with hamburger. We have to make sure that the ether does not poison patients. Then you can administer it in the form of chocolates, juice, food, and gases. I am having a hard time making solid chocolate. ; however juice and gas are duable. We will have vaccination instead of juice. Esters might better for an oxygen based non-alcohol in juice because it is close to fat.

Orange Juice and Tonic Water was an cures the flu.  The beginning liquid form of Cytoclear:Fluless cured the cold as well.  We think it cures H1N1 Flu. Our elixir is proven and FDA approved. We think it can use potency, but cures the cold and flu viruses; including H1N1 Flu. We actually sell the Cytoclear: Fluless and is free at Guardian Network with Insurance.  YHWH-app cytoclear is also used during the treatment to make sure the flu dies.  Cytoclear:Fluless reinburses the Cytoclear YHWH-app to secure after the Cytoclear-app kills the virus.

Our Fluless is being given to patience to see if it kills their H1N1 flu along with Cytoclear by eliminating side effects.  Especially in Canada and the United States.  H1N! Flu is a real tough stran of flu. I am glad it is curable.  Some reports have influenza stronger than Coronavirus including NHK who's countries death with both viruses.  Fluless and Coronacure can both be used if pneumonia is present.
We want to decode the flu virus here.  H1N1 flu responds to hydrolase, an enzyme that helps it spread in the cells while being flushed out with water.The blood cells also tie in the virus to reproduce (according to wikilinks). We add some alcohol to kill the virus as water flushes it out.  Ibuprofen and Asparin cured Flu and Coronavirus well without killing the virus. It made it hard to operate.  The problem is if the virus is not cured the effects will return.  Fluless Dug actually works

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