Guardian Network Has Reached Some Agreements to Aid The Eurozone and WHO

Guardian Network is scheduling to pay the Greek debt, rebuild employment in Spain, and to headquarters in U.K. by signing with the Eurozone and WHO.  The World Health Organization brings Guardian Network to Switzerland.  Guardian Network is now mobilized to assist Europe, Africa, and Asia during outbreak. The Eurozone welcomed it during a phone conversation.  Prime Minister David Cameron of U.K. directly asked for it, and to paid the Greek debt, during an interview for U.K. to admit Syrian refugees.  Guardian Network, WHO, and the EU may have stabilized the world economy.

Guardian Network has commited it 138 Trillion Dollar networth to stabilizing Europe and rebuilding world health and the world economy.  The money will also service Asia, Africa and the Americas immediately. Australia will also have a Guardian Network.  First Responder University is setting up in U.K as well making its U.S. presence known in more dimensions.  Russia also expects Guardian Network. Chencellor Angela Merkel of Germany seems excited about the European Debt paid and Guardian Network there as well.

We want First Responder University in every European country; with the Guardian Network.  Each Guardian Network will have a peace center to end wars.

The First Responder Universities (FRU's) will be adjunct to the First Responder University in the United States.

Guardian Network now belongs to the Eurozone. It paid the Greek and U.S, national dept.  Spain signed Guardian Network for edical Research and practice.

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