We want our disease response time to be immediate.  For example, if Ebola was responded to immediately in all areas by a Guardian Network present in Africa, the viruses would have be destroyed faster; and there wouldn't have been a pandemic.  We are setting up Pathology centers to end all diseases including limb problems.  We think our response time needs to improve in the first stages of epidemics.  Guardian Network wants to be located in every country worldwide. We are using our trillions to establish Guardian Networks worldwide.

Eurozone and World Health Organization has acquired Guardian Network in order improve world health and living conditions. With the Greek Debt paid and hospitals established worldwide, Ebola response time will improve with Cytoclear at the premises.  We just started arranging for Guardian Network to be placed in Nigeria. 

We are currently starting to making Ebolacure (Z-Napp) in  Spain, Nigeria, and  South Africa.  Ebolacure without is YHWH app is a healthy combination of  CCOH C13H8O (C13H10O2,motrin as a substitute), Egg for protein, and Oral UF Heparin.  The drug is to clot hemoraging, kill the Ebolavirus, and fix organ damage by rebuilding tissue. We are now processing the drugs for distribution to Africa and the rest of the world.

We are counting on Spain, Germany, and Greece to treat African utbreaks in the future.o

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