Ibuprofen is Similar to the YHWH Cancer Treatment

Ibuprofen is similar to in effect to Guardian Network's YHWH Cancer Treatment. Ibuprofen (Motrin) C13H10O2 has the same anti-inflammatory effects on cells and tissues in order to prevent abnormal growth. It is different by the way it sedates slightly rather than the resilent response that people have to the YHWH Cancer treatment. The alcohol formation in motrin may be the cause of the sedating effect it carries.

There is plenty of research stating that anti-inflammatory drugs can prevent cancer.  The YHWH cancer treatment actually restores damaged tissue and reverses carcinogenic cells to proper function.  Ohio State University has similar findings.

Next, we are going to add protein suppliments to medicine we are forming to rebuild the cellular function.  We are also going to jump start the life of the cell from the nucleus if necessary. If too many cells are dead,we want to rebuild them from the inside.  This what we are doing with the drug Cytostasin

The proteins we add.

We are looking into adding protein-builders like cytosine to the medicine, which actually considered an nucleic acid. I noticed that it did not really matter what protein we fed the cell as long as it wasn't toxic. We are look to supply the cell with proteins for structure after we flatten the tumor. Then want to jump start it to rebuild the integrity of the cell.  Cytosine might also jump start the cell by itself as an catalyst. We might have to jump start parts of the cell in order to cause organelles to refunction.  Then the proteins could heal the cell and keep it working.  We want to develop this Cytostasin in the U.S., Canada, Spain, and Australia.

The addition of eggs or meats to the chemical formula of motrin plus a electric charge, maybe due to salt, plus a less of, a sedating effect with the reduction of an alcohol group possibly, will most likely the exact YHWH field Cytostasin treatment over quick period of time as administered.

Making Cytostasin Pills

FDA Warning To Not Make Drugs at Home.

Do not make medicine on your own alone. It has to be FDA approved to use it in thre first place. Researchers make medicine to be observed first then approved.

We Decide to Add Fruit to Cytostasin

Fruit needs to be added to Cytostasin in order to avoid constipation in patients who need a steady use of hedrug in pill form. Alcohol cleansesthe cell but does not supply energy or force the cell to metabolize based a loss of a hydrogen that water provides.  Lack of water chokes the cell by slowing down the metaboloical processes.  Fruit contains sugar in its alcohol which forces energy into the cell and alcohol out of the cell as it is broken down. The alcohol that leaves cleanses the cell without being a hinderance because fruit contains water and provides energy. The broken down fruit reduces constipation sometimes caused by excessive consumption of meat. Fruit added or also eaten helps long term patients of Cytostasin pill treatment. We are also beginning to make pills, foods, and treatments. Orange Juice might work better than meat in building the actually drugs it balances.

We test Ibuprofen and Egg. They are ingested well.  So injured cells will rebuild. We are adding genetic rebuilding to the Motrin and Egg before using our real formula C13H8O.

A Cytostasin type will rebuild cells genetically from the inside. A Cytostasin type will eventually reverse aging.

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