Cytoclear is our new antibiotic

Cytoclear is our new antibiotic, it kills all virus and bacteria that isn't healthy on a cellular level.  Cytoclear kills every every cellular invading disease in the world.   Cytoclear kills all the body invaders of an organism. It is a save anti-biotic or more of healthy disinfectant. Cytoclear might contain alcohol. Alcohol appear to be a key ingredient in cleansing a cell. It is dangerous or poisonous if consumed without additional ingredients to change its functioning. If Cytostasin breaks the alcohol group in motrin it becomes toxic unless meat is added then it is perfect. Without the alcohol broken the cells are too flat according to YHWH-field projections. Guardian Network will observe it under a microscope. Mortin does kill tumors but their is no rebuild ingredients in it.  It also sedates more Cytostasin.  Once the alcohol group is broken and meat is added, the drug pill is exactly cytostasin; which means it can be administered as a food. Cytoclear might be an alcohol based cleanser in the YHWH-field.

Cytoclear-Cholera Cytostasin Pill Video

Cytoclear  is now the leading killer of pathogens at large in the world to Guardian Network. It is also one of two of Guardian Network world-leading pandemic ending drugs.  Cytoclear is the number antibiotic in the world and kills Ebola.

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