Curing Coronavirus

To cure Corona virus break up the Nitrogen and Carbon bonds, and  flush the virus out.  Recode cell DNA with Cytostasin, or similar situation if possible.  The virus is ineffective if the bonds are broken. Make sure the flushed out virus-alcohol doesn't poison the victim. Rehydrate them with water after the virus is cured. Do not overhydrate until virus is flushed out with fluids.  We need  Spain to make the vaccination to Coronavirus and sell it to New York. First Responder University is in Spain and Poland as well as United States. Coronavirus has to be contained or else people will die immediately.


According to Yahoo! Answer research c-c-o-h or ethanol, break the alcohol group c-c-o (cytoclear) and fruit juice are start for the cure. We found Cytoclear in Orange Juice and Tonic water, we will add salt to draw out the actual water in the lungs so Coronavirus doesn't kill. Corona Cytoclear is what we will call it before changing it to Coronacure. We actually might add Saline to finalize Coronacure. If we don't add Saline to Coronacure we will add a tremendoug amount of salt to it to cure the deadly pneumonia in the lungs. Salt needs draw water out the lungs to make sure that the pneumonia is over, Chances are patients survive one the pneumonia is cured. The daily amount of salt allowed is 1500-2300 mg. The drug is in testing  against the Coronavirus.

Coronacure is being used to treat coronavirus in liquid form to see if it cures coronavirus like the YHWH application version of Coronacure.  We are trying to have it made in Asia, Spain, Switzerland to be used in the Middle East.  Coronacure has multiple working elixirs from juice that qualify.  The elixirs is being refined.  The used elixirs are FDA approved. We are now having Coronacure processed and put around the world; especially the Middle East, and North Korea and South Korea.At this time we recommend two teaspoons of salt (no more than four) to cure the pneumonia before you die from osmosis. After about 5 teaspoons patients get sick from osmosis, which can destroy your cells, or pneumonia that is brought back by salt entering the lungs. Two to four teaspoons of salt cure it right away in one service. Two teaspoons is all that is needed.    With the Orange Juice and Tonic water that contain alcohol, Ccronavirus is cured instantly with two teaspoons of salt.

Coronavirus broken down piece by piece with YHWH apps, verses destroying the whole thing, eliminates the virus' ability to function as well.  Sulfer removed hurt the potency of the virus.  The pneumonia may be left over alcohol from the virus.  If you destroy the virus the alcohol will flush out.  It can be evaporated too, but don't the rest of the cellular function.  To do that kill the carbons

too.  Convirus cure actually works.

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