Medical Research

We are developing vaccinations and/or pills to cure cancer and restore tissue as the same frequency as our YHWH field vaccination that totally cured cancer and restore damage cells to proper size and function.  We have also cured the HPV as well.

We are studying DNA repair to fixed damaged cells and restore body from viral damage.  We are also studying to see if preserving Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum and and Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum along with Ribosomes can restore a damaged cell to normal function.

 We are trying to have a medical answer for every prevalent disease.  We are modifying medicines to eliminate negative side effects.  We want every country to be on our level of medical treatment. Then they will use some of our drugs we sale.

Lupus Cure

We are developing a cure for Lupus.  We already stabilizing patients.  We need to prevent the causes of Lupus. We definitely cure lupus by restore the immune system and white blood cells back to proper function.  We can isolate the malfunction of the white blood cells and make them function properly medically.  We will use pills to do so.  We also are looking into reverse viruses in order to reprogram white blood cells to recognize true diseases.

Guardian Networks's Net Worth

Guardian Network's net worth is $119,759,127,222,105

Global Expansion

Guardian Network's research is expanding globally. We are doing medical research worldwide and saving lives worldwide. We are grant locations to peaceful territories that can stay or move during an act of war.  Guardian Network is acquired by Eurozone and World Health Organization.

New Line of Medicine

We have already cure cancer with a YHWH treatment.  We have the pill or food form made.  We have cholera pill and YHWH treatment.  We are working on a cure for the flu. We also cured and helped others cure the Ebola Virus. YHWH modules show the exact biochemistry results as a module if used purely.

Collecting Medical Insurance

Guardian Network is collecting medical insurance.

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